Get ready for JOY!

Have you ever felt:

  • “off” or disassociated with yourself

  • or somewhat lost in the busyness of life and business decision-making

  • maybe having less confidence and peace?

If you can relate…you’ve more than likely been living out of alignment with who you truly are.


Sometimes this shows up as an afterthought:

  • “Why did I do that?”

  • “That’s not like me.”

  • ”Oops. I did it again.”

  • ”This canNOT be that hard!”

Sometimes it’s as “simple” as realizing you’re not taking great care of yourself. You know…that temple you’re walking around in. Or that the boundaries you’ve set (or not) are being…crossed.


Where’s the JOY in that?


If you’re ready for more JOY in your life…

Join me for the  

ALIGN JOY-Full Living Group-Coaching Program


Previously offered only as a one-on-one program, this is our first offering as a cohort, and we’re excited!

Hi. I’m Deni Carruth, Lifestyle Strategist.

Let me be honest with you

Living authentically, with a JOY-filled life…

wasn’t always easy for me.

Maybe you can relate.

Sometimes you have a self-care plan…and sometimes you don’t.

You’re so busy doing all.the.things for everyone else, YOU get bumped down on the ladder of care. 

You try to follow someone else’s plan, and it just doesn’t work for YOU. 

So…you slack off, or simply…quit.

You try to set boundaries around your time and energy, but…well…how’s THAT workin’ for ya? 

I mean, you have relationships, but…you show up one way for some people, and another way for others. 

Maybe you don’t know how to say “no” in a way that reflects who you are, and feelings get hurt. Sometimes…they’re YOUR feelings. 

Yes. Love and service are unconditional, but…do you know what that means, based on who you are?

And what about those daily decisions?

Those casual decisions?

Those critical decisions? 

If you’re not making decisions from a place of, and in alignment with your full identity…
you could be wasting time, energy, money…purpose. 

And then…it became…simple.

Are you ready for my Simple Step Solution?

ALIGN JOY-Full Living

Foundations Program


It all starts from within you…YOUR identity.


Welcome to…

The whole of who you are!

Discover and claim your full identity, and live life the way God intended…

toward the purpose He has inside of you.

Stop living on auto-pilot. 

Start loving your living…JOY-fully! 


See below for full instructions.

This coaching path is for the individual who is ready to discover, or reclaim who they are.

Yes…who they were created to BE, their full identity.

AND walk in that, across their life!

It’s the ultimate experience of discovery and living in authenticity at a level, (sometimes) even beyond what you might think should be happening.


What’s in it for you?

Peace. Calm. Confidence. Fulfillment. Yep. Even better health and overall well-being. 😊

Through this unique process, you will ALIGN your lifestyle, across your life…from who you are. This supports who you are, personally and professionally. And that creates space to allow for JOY-full movement across your life, in a way that:

  • is easier – because it’s YOU!
  • is simpler – because you’re less distracted, and overwhelmed
  • flows better – because you’re more focused IN with boundaries set and honored
  • feels better – because you’re taking care of you along the way
  • serves better – because you’re supporting others in a way that’s in ALIGNment with who you are
  • is less draining – because, and so that…you experience more JOY!

This means less internal resistance, and less external conflict…across your life.

It’s beautiful! Really.

The steps you’ll take…


Assess and Acknowledge


What's unique about you.


Learn and
Lean In


Choose your possibilities forward


Ignite Inspired Action


Choose actions from purpose


The How-to


To, of, and from yourself


Non-negotiables (boundaries)


Set and honor them with confidence



A private online client portal for the full program and program materials

Everything is accessable in one place


Online access to me, your coach, in your private client portal, through a private chat

This personal accountability keeps you going


All tools, assessments, exercises, and worksheets needed for the program

You bring you. I’ve got the rest.


One group call each month on Zoom

Live group support is BIG.


Recordings of all group calls

You’ll never miss a thing.


A safe online community forum within the portal for your cohort for engagement, encouragement, support, and accountability

Give and get. Keep it going!


Additional resources for your personal journey, as I see helpful at the appropriate time.

I’m here for YOU!

“Deni helped me to find my authentic voice and helped me to align with my core values and to align with what it is I truly wanted to put out into the world. Her coaching has helped me not only in my business, but also to help me to find my true identity, my authentic voice, so I can have alignment in every area of my life.”

Shelyna Brown

Retired Circuit Court Judge

“Getting back to myself. I feel like I am finally tuning in. I can’t explain it but I think I have been outside of myself for years now. I am noticing things. Thoughts, feelings rather than just stressing and doing. It feels lighter and I am happier. I am feeling more conscious.” 


While this is a 6-month process, it is an ongoing process as you live life every day. A lifestyle. As we explore other areas of your life, we’ll revisit these steps to enable you to keep walking…confidently!

So…now my question to you is: How do you want to show up in your life?

Living JOY-fully…is a lifestyle:

  • Emotionally

  • Spiritually

  • Physically

  • Relationally

  • Professionally

  • Environmentally

When you know who you are, where you’re going, and can walk confidently in the steps you take…you will achieve these things…simply. JOY-Fully. It’s your time.


What might bring you to ALIGN?

How might you feel during and after this program process?

Send me an email, and let’s find out!

Here’s the steps to take:

  1. Send an email to me at:

  2. In the subject line, put: ALIGN Joy-Full Living.

  3. In the body of the email, copy and paste these questions…and then answer them. Be specific and brief. We’ll discuss more on the call.

    1. After reading the information about this program, what were your first thoughts?

    2. What are the pain points, challenges, or concerns you have that could be addressed and benefited from with this program…and better alignment?

    3. What life area came to mind, that you may seem hidden in, or could make the greatest impact across your life?

    4. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this program process, based on what you know now?

    5. How do you believe you would show up for a group program, at this level?

    6. Would you be ready, willing, and able to commit to 6 months, walking this out?

I’ll contact you shortly after reviewing your answers, to schedule your personal call with me.

NOTE: This is for a select group of people.

A small cohort that facilitates more engagement, and my personal support.

I’m looking to serve 6-9, serious people.

Are YOU one of them?

If you’re ready for the JOY…

email me your answers to the questions…now! 

First cohort starts in May!

Limited spaces available!

ALIGN JOY-Full Living

The foundations you need for a JOY-filled life!

Send me your mail today!


You will receive a personal exercise program, and a recipe book to help you GIVE to yourself. 😎



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